chess pieces on receding chessboard
Grantham Room, Conservative Club,
77 Broadway, Peterborough PE1 4DA 
The Club meets Thursday 18:30-23:00 except the first Thursday of each month.
In addition, on the Sunday following the missing Thursday 18:00-22:00
the Club organises a rapid play internal competition.
June Sunday 09; Thursdays 13, 20, 27.
July Sunday 07; Thursdays 11, 18, 25.
For tuition schedule, see tuition page.


Tuition & Assisted Preparation

Internal competitions

Silver Queen
Cracknell Cup

Other events
Cambridgeshire County Individual Tournament: Wansford, November 2023

Rapidplay Jamboree at St Ives on May 21 (9 teams of four)
Winner: St Ives (10.5/12)
Peterborough 4th (8.5/12)
Individual results: 1. Sam Caraway 1/3; 2. Wing Cheng 3/3; 3. Doug Redden 1.5/3; 4. Alan Brookbanks 3/3
To join the Chess Club it is conditional to join the Conservative Club.
Payable annually on 1 January.
From September 2023
Chess Club membership 2023-24: £10 Adults; £5 Juniors.
All new adult members should be approved by club committee members
Season 2023-24 results
Peterborough B wins Division 2; Jimmy Blair brings back cup from County AGM
For more details please contact Club Secretary Ben Rhodes: Tel: 07527 551650, email:
For website: